Gilmore Girls

Who wouldn’t like being kissed by a Gilmore girl?

If I was to ever go on the show Mastermind my topic would, without a doubt be the loveable mother-daughter duo that is the Gilmore girls.
The pair never fail to make me laugh and not an episode goes by where I don’t wish I was living in the quirky yet exciting small town of Stars Hollow.
While yes the show is unrealistic (can you really drink that much coffee a day?!), the bond which Rory and Loreali have with each other is so touching that even the harshest of critics can’t help but wonder why they aren’t part of the Gilmore clan.
The show lasted 7 years – or 154 episodes if you’re counting – and the evolution of both the show’s protagonists was such, that one can’t help wondering why there hasn’t been a reunion and are Loreali and Luke finally married right now?!
This is a topic I could write about for days and if it were possible to do study about the family I’m sure I would get grades as good as Rory and Paris (is she a doctor now?!)! While yes the family is entertaining and makes us laugh, the characters are also put through trying times and teaches us all that in the end no matter what family comes first and if you really wait for love you never know when it’ll show up. However speaking fast and having a coffee
addiction don’t go a miss into making you as loveable as the infamous Gilmore girls.


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