Miss Dior – Blooming Bouquet

I have hardly ever been a perfume fan, the strong smells associated with most give me headaches or make people smell as though they’d bathed in a whole bottle of it. So when walking past the Dior store in London’s Covent Garden the sweet smell coming from inside attracted me. There were sales assistants outside who were offering free samples and I have to say the smell was heavenly.

The name blooming bouquet suggests the smell would be similar to flowers however short of rubbing rose petals on yourself nothing will ever replicate that scent. Instead Dior offers a sweet, musky scent connoting all that you would associate with summer which will definitely turn heads – and not in a bad way! While some may say that the perfume is expensive for what it is I’ve found that a couple of sprays is enough to last the whole day and I am sure that even after it’s finished I will be visiting my nearest Dior for more.


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