Veer Zaara

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again Veer Zaara is the most beautiful film I have ever seen.
I recently rediscovered the film and it’s shown me the beauty that can be perceived through Bollywood films. In the past few years all of the movies I’ve had the misfortune of seeing centre around ‘item girls’, coarse language and a disrespect for women by demeaning them to just an object of a males sexual desire. However Veer Zaara doesn’t do this and instead the director and screenwriter present a strong woman figure in a male dominated society. It is this strong figure who frees the wrongly imprisoned Veer and reunites him with his long lost love – Zaara – whom he has been separated from for the past 22 years. Whilst I enjoyed the movie and it did have the usual Bollywood unrealistic scenes of dancing in fields and a bit too much pathetic fallacy I found a deeper meaning in the film.
I saw the film as a way of presenting equality through characters of different nationalities and religions. Yes, in reality where will you meet a Pakistani girl lost in the heart of India who then moves to India only to find her Indian lover is in fact in Pakistan? However you will find those who view these differences not as obstacles in the way of love but instead mere differences which can be overlooked and that, is the beauty of Veer and Zaara’s love.


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