A Good Addiction

When people ask me what I do after work or how I relax my answer is always reading and the gym.
I love going to the gym, I love the feeling you get when you walk in and the thrill you get from achieving something you didn’t think was possible.

I’ve been visiting the gym on and off now for around 3 years. When I say ‘on and off’ I literally mean that. Sometimes I’ll go everyday for weeks and sometimes I won’t go for months.
Towards the end of my degree I became so lazy and used to eat enough junk to feed 50 in an attempt to de-stress and it wasn’t until my graduation two months ago that I realised just how much weight I’d put on. After that day I decided to take a look at myself and change the way I looked. I don’t claim to be the worlds fittest person – or even to have a ‘nice body’. Most of the motivation I get is from watching Keeping up with the Kardashians but in doing so I realised that society’s version of thin is not important. Who honestly has the time to train for insane hours a day or can even afford a personal trainer? Not me that’s for sure. However I do have time to visit my gym a few times a week and make an effort to curb my never ending chocolate cravings.
A healthy body is a happy body!

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