I have been employed for less than a week and already I’m SO stressed out. Who knew that getting a job would be this hard?! Not me that’s for sure. In the past I somehow always got good luck and the job interviews I went for I always seemed to get. I guess now it’s time for the universe to laugh in my face and tell me “I told you so”.
So here I am, a few days after my work contract has ended, with a degree and a loan which one day will need to be paid off. What do I do next?

I have spent many hours deliberating this – alone and with others who are in the same boat as me. Do I do a postgraduate degree? A second undergraduate degree? A course in something unrelated to my previous studies? What do I do?! I feel as though the times in my life when I thought the word stress meant something were nothing until now.
However, saying all of this and after the hundreds of jobs I’ve unsuccessfully applied for I decided to just take a break. To stop obsessively checking my emails with false hope. To stop only buying outfits which seem ‘work suitable’. To stop carrying around my CV in my handbag at all times. Maybe this isn’t the right way to do things but one day my calling will find me – and if not I can just be a professional ranter for a living!

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