I can’t rave about Shahnaz Husain’s Shaline eyeliner enough.
I actually stumbled upon the product by accident, when I was in India and my mum was going from salon to salon searching for the perfect hair dye or something equally boring to me. I was looking around and having heard so many raving reviews about the products I happily purchased the eyeliner.
Firstly let me say the packaging says it contains all natural products which is a bonus to me since when applying something so close to your eyes the more natural, the better. Secondly after a few weeks of wearing the eyeliner I noticed my eyelashes felt conditioned and longer. Maybe this was due to the purity of Indian water or maybe the eyeliner did what it says on the packaging.

I’ve had Shaline for over a year now and while in some places its congealed, it still continues to provide flawless application and appearance. However if I have one complaint to make – it’s to do with sellers and not the product itself. This product is manufactured and sold in India at 495 rupees but of course in England they bump up the price by 1848493% and the cheapest I’ve found is around £14. Big difference but definitely worth it!


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