Me Before You

I haaaate being emotional. In fact I call myself cold hearted and I hardly ever make it known when I cry at anything. Don’t get me wrong to this day I can still shed a tear after watching Titanic but when reading books I hardly ever feel emotional.
Jojo Moyes’ novel about a quirky 20-something year old and the relationship she has caring for a quadriplegic is predictable from the first time the pair meet. It’s obvious that Lou and Will are bound to fall in love with each other but what makes this book different is that it doesn’t have a conventional happy ending.
If I’m honest in a way I prefer novels which don’t end with a pair going off into the sunset because it means there is an element of realism within them. The novel is definitely realistic as we see taken through the norms of daily life in a small town in England but at the same time we are transported from our world into Moyes’.
The climax of the novel is in my opinion a imperfectly perfect ending but the pages leading up to it made me well up like never before and I’m ashamed to say that I cried with Louisa over the love she found and lost.

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