Mac Mac Mac

Since I wrote the name three times, I think I’ll write about three of my favourite Mac products; Studio Sculpt Foundation, Select Cover-up Concealer and Sheertone Shimmery Blush.
I’m definitely the kind of person who likes to experiment with new products but I always have my favourites that I go back too.

1) Studio Sculpt Foundation
I loooove this foundation, not only does a little go a long way but the coverage is amazing. To begin with this wasn’t my first choice in Mac foundation as I prefer something that comes in a similar packaging to the Studio Fix foundation as it’s easier to use when on the go. But after Studio Sculpt I definitely don’t need anything ‘on the go’. This foundation requires one tiny drop and it covers my whole face. The coverage is medium but adding a second squeeze gives full coverage that lasts allll day! I’ve recently become a SPF junkie so I’m glad that this foundation comes with SPF15 but that doesn’t stop me putting my SPF35 on before just for some added sun protection!

2) Select Cover-up Concealer
This product is perfect to use in a hurry as it literally does what it says: covers up. It’s probably my favourite concealer because it blends in so easily to my skin and it gives a dewy finish (which is in fashion these days). The only bad thing I’d say about this is that is is quite heavy and I only use a tiny tiny dot of it but I still find it too heavy for using under eyes as it sometimes sits there without blending in properly.

3) Sheertone Shimmery Blush
Recently I’m loving blushers and bronzers that make your skin glow. I know there are so many products for ‘glowing’ skin but using so many creams and serums isn’t for me. I love this product because I apply some to my cheeks and they look glittery and enhanced without being too pink. I guess the only thing about this is to use it with the correct brush as sometimes over applying gives you a permanently blushing face which is never a good look!

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