50 Shades of Red…

(Sorry if that title excited you more than it should’ve)

Anyway so as we’ve gathered from previous posts I love red lipsticks. I don’t even know why, maybe it’s just how in my eyes you look so much more classy with a swipe of red on your lips and I truly believe that anyone can wear red. It’s like one of those things that can be pulled off with any skin tone, hair colour, shape and size.
Now I’ll go through my numerous reds and explain why I love them so!

Mac Ruby Woo
I posted about this a few weeks ago so I won’t write too much again, but this is definitely one of my favourites. Those with drier lips should probably avoid matte lipsticks but that said I always make sure I apply a base underneath this to make sure it stays in place all day – and it does!

L’Oréal Color Riche 297
My philosophy is: you can never go wrong with L’Oréal and I stand by that. I think this was my first ever red lipstick and I bought it after my growing obsession with the beauty that is Cheryl (Fernandez-Verisini? Cole? Tweedy?). Whatever you call her, when she endorses a product I am always going to try it out.
I love this red because it comes infused with bits of glitter ensuring that your lips have a slight sheen to them all day. This lipstick is non drying and lasts all day, my only tip would be to use a lip liner with this because I sometimes find my chin dotted with red specks because the lipstick tends to bleed onto my chin if I eat or drink.

Mac Lady Bug
Everything Mac is amazing and with their growing range of colours you’re always bound to find something which suits your skin. I’ve stopped using this lipstick as much because it’s more glossy than my other reds and because of that I find that it lasts only a few hours before I have to reapply and for me that’s too much effort especially when I’m working or on a night out.

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture 64
I’ve been wanting to try YSL lipstick for ages. Maybe because Cara Delvingne is so beautiful she could sell air to me, or maybe not.
Let me start by saying as soon as you open this the smell of perfume hits you, which some people may like but for me it’s so overbearing and I literally feel like I should be eating the lipstick as some kind of macaroon instead of wearing it. Anyway, the lady who sold me this told me it was part of their newest range aka the reason why I haven’t found a shade to suit my complexion. The packaging for this is literally perfect and the lipstick is pretty decent too. It’s perhaps a bit too dark for me but at the same time I love trying new things, so far I’ve found the staying power isn’t too strong with this but then again that just gives me a new excuse to open up my beautifully packaged lipstick again!

Rimmel Stay Glossy 3D 503
Lip gloss is one of those things that is never easy to buy. Some are too sticky, or too glossy or don’t last long enough. Whatever the issue they’re a pain. So on buying Rimmel’s I was a bit reluctant because I’m not really a fan of Rimmel but I did want a red lipgloss which wasn’t too pricey. So far I love this, it’s red but not too red that it looks over the top. It’s glossy without being sticky and is long lasting to an extent too.

Sleek 787 Vixen
On the scale of red’s I would put this under the more pinky reds due to its coral undertones. That being said if I’m honest I’ve hardly worn this out because I find it a more summery shade and its a little too much for the winter months. But I must say the colour is beautiful and it has great staying power!

Dior Addict e 756 Fireworks
Stick the name Dior on anything and I’m sold! Well not really but I guess it does give it a bigger appeale.
I lovelovelove this lipstick, it’s my ‘natural’ red because it’s red without being too over the top and bright and can be worn in the daytime. The glossy finish Dior offers makes me think that this lipstick is more of a gloss than a ‘stick’, as it’s staying power is more of a lipgloss-style-short-term, but I still love it none the less.

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