People always say eyes are the windows to your soul, therefore eyebrows should be your curtains. This may be a stupid statement but it’s also true to an extent.
If I’m honest I never knew that eyebrows were SUCH a big deal until recently; don’t get me wrong perfectly plucked eyebrows are overrated but crazy long ones are a bit too much of a statement.

My eyebrows secret is that I thread mine myself – always myself. This is a trick that I picked up from my mum and it’s saved me hundreds of pounds, with the convenience of being able to do them whenever I want. Learning to thread yourself isn’t hard at all, it just takes patience and practice and there are plenty of YouTube tutorials to help. Straight after threading I apply aloe vera gel to cool the burning sensation. Then I wait 24 hours before touching them again and if I need to go out I swipe some clear mascara on them (I use Miss Sporty’s) and I draw a faint line of Lancôme’s Le Crayon Miracle underneath which I smudge with my fingers to make it look less obvious to add a glowing touch on my freshly sculpted brows!

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