Eyeliner [2]

In a previous post I raved about Shahnaz Husain’s liquid eyeliner -Shaline – but that I’ve tried her kajal kohl liner – Shaeyes – I’m torn between which ones better. (Yes I know they both have ridiculous names!)
As with Shaline, Shaeyes is also completely herbal and made from natural products, something which I am definitely into nowadays (just call me Kourtney Kardashian). I actually came across this liner by mistake when a family member bought it for me from India instead of the liquid liner but after a few days of using it I’m beginning to wonder why I never did before!
The packaging is similar to a lipstick but it has a mirror on the back which is useful if you need to redo your make up on the move. Probably my favourite thing about this is that it’s not a pencil therefore the need to buy pencil sharpeners is eradicated. It’s also really easy to use and glides on with the softest motions.
Shaeyes could easily last 10+ hours but maybe less on your waterline as blinking causes it to wear down over time and it’s definitely waterproof, tear-proof and any other kind of proof too. In fact using mere face wash and water alone isn’t enough to get rid of this and I would suggest an eye make up remover just to get rid of the panda eyes!


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