Chanel No.5

Can you believe this is like the third post I’ve actually written using my laptop and not my phone whilst on the underground – modern technology eh.

Anyway, so of course Christmas was 2 days ago and whilst many of us were opening presents we’d hinted at for months I was pleasantly surprised with mine.

A few months ago my mum mentioned how she threw her Chanel No.5 perfume in the bin. THE BIN. I know right. When she told me I was in mourning (well not really but it was traumatic) so you can imagine my delight when come Christmas morning I found a present under the tree from my brother and unwrapped my very own bottle of Chanel. (Yes I will keep this hidden far away from my mum!)

I think we all know how iconic this perfume is. It’s been advertised by Brad Pitt for goodness sake and if that isn’t a sign of class then I don’t know what is! Chanel’s website describes No.5 as

Floral-aldehydic, a bouquet of abstract flowers with an indefinable femininity

I 100% agree with this statement and especially the part about indefinable femininity – that sums up exactly how I view something so iconic. Just a spritz makes me feel so much more elegant than I would do on a daily basis and it is an investment worth making.


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