The Unpredictable Consequences of Love

Well try saying that 3 times in a row.

So this book was Amazon recommended for me and even though I searched for other novels this kept appearing and appearing so I decided to expand my ever growing book collection and experience the writing of Jill Mansel.

I liked this book because it’s such an eaaaaaasy read. As an English Literature graduate I’ve read and studied so many complicated works so this was like a ray of sunshine (cheesy I know!). If there’s a book I like and am into I can read it non stop in a few days and The Unpredictable Consequences of Love was no different in that I finished it in 3 days! The chapters are so short that if you ever need a break you know you’ve got the perfect opportunity for one in a few pages.

The plot of the novel isn’t really complicated, it’s more that the intertwining lives of the many characters can get confusing after the first few pages. However I love novels which interlinked characters such as any by Maeve Binchy who is basically my hero.
Back to the plot, I won’t really give much away but it’s one of those books which is pretty predictable just from the blurb but that didn’t really put me off reading. I would say it was a pleasurable read even if at times the character of Tula was a bit annoying (if you’re a feminist I’m sure you’d agree!).

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