Yves Saint Laurent

Rouge Pur Couture 64

I know I know, I’ve written about this lipstick before but that was only a brief piece on it. Plus I’ve decided to retry the lipstick just to see if I’ve changed my opinion on it.
Let me start by saying there’s something about putting on red lipstick on a dull, cold London-y day and getting a new haircut that makes me feel all warm inside. So that’s what I did today and I have to say my opinion on 64 has totally changed.
I still stick by what I said about the over powering smell, it feels as though I should be eating the lipstick instead of delicately applying it to my lips. But anyway, this time I decided to put on lipliner first and then apply second. (I use a simple red lip liner by MUA).

I was surprisingly impressed by how good it looked, especially considering I had no other make up on bar concealer. And it lasted ageeeeeees; after I ate, drank and licked my lips for 6/7 hours it was still visible. Granted the colour was not as glossy as before but it definitely left a stain. A stain which took me Johnson’s baby cream and cotton wool to take off (my no.1 beauty secret). However despite this I would say it’s a lipstick worth its price especially since it contains that all important SPF15 and since the modern day woman is all about sun protection I think YSL have created their perfect selling point.


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