The Best Thing That Never Happened To Me

This book is different to my usual reads because it’s written by two authors and is narrated by two characters. This may seem pretty confusing but it actually aids the novel, making it more unique.
I’m not sure what about The Best Thing That Never Happened To Me caught my eye; the title, the blurb or the fact that Amazon had a good deal on it. (Let’s be honest it’s probably the last one). But this was a good thing because I didn’t know what to expect once I opened the novel. I find that when I read books which are recommended to me I read them with high hopes that they’ll be as amazing as everyone makes out and usually end up disappointed. For Laura Trait and Jimmy Rice’s novel this was not the case.

I was pleasantly surprised as to how much detail went into the book, how it spanned over 11 years and how the characters are portrayed. In my opinion many people would read this story and feel nostalgic, with an urge to trace back their first loves/best friends and see how much time has changed and if they like Alex and Holly are given a second chance. Or if also like Alex and Holly they listen to their hearts too late. Either way this novel is something we could all relate to our lives in one way or another and the end is so perfectly written that it’s definitely up there with my top books of 2015 so far!

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