A Place For Us

I can’t be the only person who, when making a decision about something goes with my initial reaction; whether it be to food, skincare or in this case books.

When I first started Harriet Evans’ novel I was bored if I’m being honest. I didn’t feel a connection to her characters and wondered where the story would take me and if the whole book would revolve around one dinner party. Still, I decided that once I’d started something I may as well finish it and so I carried on reading and was surprised at just how inviting her story was. She flits from character to character to take us back in time to explain the events which are now unfolding and why they are even important. Whilst also touching on issues such as mental illness, physical and mental abuse and death.

Perhaps the story could pass as a story in EastEnders but at the same time I didn’t want it to be because I wanted the family to have a happy ending. Which they did, but to an extent because the obstacles they faced throughout the novel from the youngest character to 80 year old Martha were quite shocking and in some cases inhumane. However, that is the beauty of literature – it can shock you, make you cry, make you laugh but you know it’s all part of the writers imagination which provides as excellent escapism from our daily lives.

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