Hothouse Flower

I know – what a name for a book! But trust me once you read it and it’s explained you’ll be like OH okay. 

So this is another novel by Lucinda Riley and after reading it all I can say is that it is a story that even Disney couldn’t make up. It’s got more twists than an episode of Dallas and more family drama than anything Bollywood could ever make up! 

However it also has a story of love – family love, a mother’s love and a bond between two people. The tale is such a contrast because it begins in rainy, dull Norfolk and goes through the beaches of Thailand with its exotic flowers, people and culture. I can literally feel like I’m there as I read it and it’s then that were introduced as to why it’s called Hothouse Flower and it’s a twist that no one would see coming. I just love the fact that you can read the story and you won’t actually get to the crunch of it until way into the middle and by then it’s just too late to back out because you have to know how it ends! 

Definitely a must read for anyone who thinks their family history is weird because after this you’ll feel blessed with yours! 

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