Charlotte Tilbury: Rock ‘N’ Kohl

Is it me or is the new WordPress app really bad? I posted about this a few hours ago and it’s been deleted somehow.

Anyway. Back to the topic I will (for the second time) discuss.

Charlotte Tilbury is fast becoming a household name, from a make up artist to a brand now she is an inspiration for many. The counter I’ve seen of hers in Selfridges displays pictures of many perfectly groomed models with immaculate make up and beautiful features.

For my birthday I was given a box which contained Charlotte Tilbury’s products and this post is dedicated to the rock ‘n’ kohl eyeliner in barbarella brown.

I have really light eyes – for an Indian – they are light brown but in the summer seem lighter and in the mornings when I obviously look my greatest they have a grey tinge. For this reason I’ve always wondered what would be the correct colour of eyeliner to use for eyes such as my own. Some say to use a ‘contrasting’ colour so I should use purple, others say use a colour similar to your own and up until now I’ve been mainly using black. So to my surprise when I opened up the packaging to reveal a soft brown colour I was sceptical – it could either look great or supid.

Firstly, the eyeliner is described as a liquid pencil and it is exactly that. The fluidity of the pencil allows a precise application but it does not budge. I left it on for a good 8 hours one day and it looked as perfect as if I’d freshly applied. I have so much trouble with kohl on my waterline as it just wipes away in a few hours but this was still there at the end of a long day and there was not one single smudge. But luckily this doesn’t affect the removal of it – I used make up wipes and face wash and it removed all traces of eyeliner instantly.

Some may say that the product is pricey (£19) but if you’re looking for something long lasting, precise and a perfect colour then the Charlotte Tilbury counter should be your first port of call.

2 thoughts on “Charlotte Tilbury: Rock ‘N’ Kohl

  1. I always have an issue with this app. Maybe it’s also because I’m NOT tech savvy lol Hey since you are a fellow Glammie… Stop by my blog….I’m offering a giveaway of Evian Mineral misting facial spray… It tones, revitalizes and refreshes not only your skin but your makeup as well 😉


  2. Been thinking of buying this Kohl Eyeliner for Ages..Its good to hear that it’s long lasting especially on the waterline.

    Rebecca xx


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