DiorSkin Star Foundation 

DiorSkin is Dior’s newest collection of foundation and concealers and they seem to be taking over the world. Therefore naturally I had to see for myself what the hype is about and whether or not it’s worth the money to spend it on.

I struggle to find a foundation which matches my skin as I am Indian but I’m extremely pale for an Indian with a yellow/pink undertone. Whilst some people are either yellow or pink, I of course am both. This makes it so hard to find something which colour matches me whilst also concealing any blemishes/scars I want to cover up.

The Dior counter in Westfield has caught up to the colour match technology and it was with this I was given a colour match which was first 031 and then 021 and opted for the ‘Star’ range. The difference in colours was crazy which proves to me that those match machines aren’t always efficient! Anyway, I love the way 021 matched my skin – it was the perfect colour and on top the make up artist dabbed some of the DiorSkin concealer in 002.

However, I am always sceptical about spending £32 on a product which has been put on by a professional, in professional lighting using professional tools therefore I took a sample of this home with me to decide for certain whether or not I wanted it. At home the match was still as perfect but the coverage was wasn’t anywhere near the medium range I assumed it to be and I instead used it as a base before my usual make up routine which would’ve made it a complete waste of money.

Don’t get me wrong Dior have created the perfect high end product and if you want a foundation that looks, smells and feels luxurious then I’d recommend DiorSkin foundation but if you’re looking for something with a little more coverage then I suggest adding a concealer or mixing this with someone else.

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