Dior Backstage Blender

Beauty blenders are all the rage in make up these days with different styles, shapes and brands showing their take on this nifty invention. Therefore, naturally Dior jumped on the bandwagon and introduced their own but under a different name: the backstage blender. 

Unlike the classic ‘egg’ shape of normal beauty blenders this is more triangular and resembles a pyramid rather than any eggs I’ve seen. If I’m honest I have a love-hate relationship with beauty blenders in general because sometimes they’re perfect and sometimes they’re too wet or too dry which is just annoying. The make up artist at the Dior counter when testing this out on me told me that it’s best used dry but if I want I can use it wet too. What great advice that is. 

I decided to try both and so far I think both techniques work well but for different things. If I want to just apply foundation then I’ll use dry and dab some on my face and use the sides of the blender to rub it in however if I’m going for a more dewy and fresh look I’ll run this under the tap, squeeze it out and use it that way. I haven’t used this for contouring yet so maybe once I do that I’ll update this post…

Bottom line is that I love Dior but I feel I own this product for its name rather than to serve me any purpose, which, is fine by me because the packaging is as beautiful as excepted from such a high end brand. 

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