Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit

If you are into beauty then you’ll be all about the hottest trend: contouring. If there’s anyone we can thank for this latest phase it has to be Kim Kardashian and her perfectly sculpted cheekbones. Contouring can literally change your face shape; a smaller nose, thinner face, sharper jaw (I now sound like a contour sales person).

Anyway back to my point, if you’re going to contour like a celebrity then you have to use the celebrity’s tools and when I received the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit for my birthday I was excited to see how it would turn out. My kit is the powder one and in light/medium shade which is perfect for me especially since I apply foundation as a base and a cream contour may be a little too heavy for me. 

From L-R; Vanilla, Banana, Sand, Java, Fawn, Havana.

Apologies for the poor lighting on the picture –  I guess iPhone cameras aren’t as amazing as they’re meant to be! The way I use the kit is firstly to apply Banana to my under eyes with a flat brush to help any concealer set without caking and lines. Then I use any of the 3 darker colours to shade my cheekbones, forehead, jaw – at the moment I’m into mixing Java and Havana as the colour is a bit darker than each individually but it also gives me more of a ‘natural’ look. The best advice I received in regards to contour is that everything should join up – so you should shade your forehead to merge into your temples which should flow to your cheekbones and I always follow that rule. Then in the parts of my face which need highlighting I apply Vanilla under my cheeks, above my chin and just under the shaded parts on my forehead and my favourite part of this kit is Sand. Sand is the perfect highlighting shade as its shimmery without being too much for daytime and its buildable so I apply some above my cheekbones and from there I blend it all together.

I’ve spent ages trying out new methods of blending, from beauty blenders to brushes and for me the best way is to use my foundation brush to blend it all together and also soften the harsh contrasting colours of dark and light. This always works perfectly for me and once I’m done I’ll either add blusher or bronzer to my cheekbones and I’m good to go! Who said being a girl was easy!

          In both of these pictures I’m wearing the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit and Bourjois bronzing powder in 55. (I think we can gather which picture is from date night and which is from my lazy days at home!)

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