Thai Girl

Is it me or is Thailand everywhere these days? It seems like I can’t scroll through Instagram or Facebook without someone posting a picture of a beautiful Thai beach or making me jealous with a check in to their next destination. While sadly I can’t make it to Thailand I did the next best thing (in my eyes) and read a book on the country instead.

I’ve never read a novel in the travel writing category, nor one narrated from a males point of view so this was definitely an interesting read for me. Without giving too much away the jist of the plot follows a young couple who travel to Thailand together shortly after graduating from university. The trip proves to be a trying time for them and they split up, leaving the protagonist Ben free and alone in Thailand. It’s now that he stumbles upon a beautiful Thai masseuse Fon and the story follows their relationship and the Thai tourist scene. 

After reading this I have definitely opened my eyes to different cultures and people and I feel like Andrew Hicks has written from his own personal experiences and because of that he’s added a lot of empathy and emotions in what could be seen as a light hearted story. However he does go into topics such as politics and life a bit toooo much which I found long winded and boring at times but if you’re into travel writing and learning about new places then this is a must read. 

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