Emma Hardie: ‘Amazing Face’ Moringa Cleansing Balm

That is a loooong title but a perfectly apt one at that.

I used this cleansing balm a few years ago as I received it as a gift and it was amazing. It literally lives up to its name however sadly my student budget didn’t allow me to purchase it again so I went on to other drug store brands (La Roche-Posay) until I came across Space NK’s website having a £10 off offer and those who use this will know it is pretty expensive so any off is definitely worth it. Now with this offer I decided to purchase a 200ml tub instead of 100 and it’s been my best decision to date (my life must be sad!).

The balm comes with a cleansing cloth with a smooth side and a slightly textured side which can be used for exfoliating and it’s all just so perfect. I never knew I could love a face wash like this but it is literally one of my most prized possessions! All you do is take a tiny bit of this, add water, rub around your face, neck and the best part is that it removes all make up – waterproof or not which also saves me a hassle in using make up wipes!

The best thing about the cleansing balm is that it’s so versatile, you can use it as a cleansing balm, face mask, night mask or dab it on blemishes. Plus it smells amazing, if ‘relaxing’ ever had a smell it would be this face wash which makes it perfect to use before bed and I always make up with a glowing smooth face. It’s definitely altered my opinion on face washes as most are so drying and do nothing for my skin but this is so good I’m looking forward to trying more in the range.

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