Benefit Pore-fessional Primer

It seems like every beauty blogger has raved about this primer and with good reason! 

The first taste I had of the Benefit Pore-sessional Primer was when I was given a small sample tube and I was instantly sold! Before this I’d been religiously using No.7’s Beautifully Matte primer but found that after time it became to watered down – due to melting or whatever but it was just a pain to keep using. So of course Benefit was a blessing in disguise. 

Some have complained that the primer is a thicker consistency but that’s what I like about it. The texture proves that a little goes a long way and all I do is dap a few drops on my face and blend it in and I can instantly see a difference to my pores. Before I use anything I spend ages researching it and I kept coming across articles saying that primer should be left on for a good twenty minutes for its true benefits to be shown. Well fair enough but I can’t name anyone who has twenty long minutes in the morning to sit around waiting for primer to sink in let alone ten. So I leave this on for as long as I can which is normally around 5 minutes and continue to apply my foundation as normal. It blends in like a dream and lasts me the whole day which is perfect! 

I’d definitely recommend this to anyone who needs a new primer and I bought it off Asos who were selling this and Benefit’s face cream for the same price as one primer (£24)! 

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