Urban Decay Naked Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer 

With a name as long as that I expect some pretty good things from this concealer, however I was really disappointed with this product.

The SA in Urban Decay matched me up to the colour Medium Neutral after the others proved to be too pale or dark for me but after an hour of application I looked in the mirror and looked like an orange – literally. It was also applied under my eyes however gave me a look of conjunctivitis because it was applied too thick under my eyes which is fair enough so the next day at home I decided to apply it myself and see if it looked any better. The warm tones contrasted too much with my natural skin colour again and I decided it was best to leave my Urban Decay obsession to their eyeshadows and lipsticks which is such a shame because I spent a while researching their products and really wanted to love this.

The reviews I read stated that is is smooth and weightless and I have to completely agree, it did feel so nice on my face and felt like I was wearing no make up but the poor colour match put me off so I’d suggest sampling this before purchasing it.

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