Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation

Estée Lauder’s foundation has got to be one of the most talked about foundations ever. I’ve seen countless blog posts, online reviews and stories from friends about how amazing this is so I sampled it for myself. 

My local Estée Lauder counter matched my skin using a chart and cards (complicated) and the SA pulled out 3 colours which she felt worked on me and then tested each on my jawline. This was my biggest regret; when picking something such as foundation just sampling one part of your face isn’t always the best option as things such as pigmentation, tanning and just natural colour differences all play a part in making your skin colour what it is. Between two of the shades she picked for me she told me that if there was one in between it would’ve been perfect however I opted for a sample of the lighter shade because I don’t want to look too warm especially since this foundation is quite thick (I got DW 2N1). 

From what I’ve read about Double Wear, it is perfect for coverage. It’s meant to be medium to full but easily buildable and long lasting so what more would I want? Well, I asked the make up artist if it was hydrating as my skin is really dry these days and she said no as its oil free but if I apply a good moisturiser it should be fine. Let me start by stating the pros about this foundation, it’s coverage really is amazing, a thin layer is enough to cover all but that’s where the pros ended for me. 

I found it to be too pale, drying and chemically smelling. I left it on my face for a good 5 hours and thankfully I was at home because I could not go in public looking so pale and with a cracked face. I know a hydrating primer could possibly help the dry element of the foundation but it’s still too thick. If you have oily skin then this could work for you however I’m sticking to my Dior Skin Star for now as it doesn’t highlight any dryness and provides similar coverage. 

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