L’Oreal Nude Magique BB Cream Anti-Redness

BB-CC-DD whatever the letters, alphabet creams are fast taking over the world as the best alternatives for foundation and tinted moisturiser. Personally, I’ve never been too keen on BB creams as I just thought they’re another unnecessary product taking up space in my make up collection. However this was until I tried L’Oreal’s anti-redness BB cream.

The good thing about L’Oreal’s collection is that they cater to a range of different needs, however if you’re a beauty lover then I don’t need to tell you about the anti dullness/redness/fatigue solutions in the collection. I opted for the anti redness because these days my face is waaay too red, especially after a shower it takes forever to calm down and I’m glad to say this works SO well. After buying this I did my usual research on the best ways to apply and saw that there were so many different ways; hands, brushes, beauty blenders so I tried all 3.

This BB cream stands out to me because it contains ‘smart pigments’ which blend into a colour as soon as it touches your skin but when I applied it using my hands it left me looking tanned and unnatural, so next I tried my Dior beauty blender but still this didn’t do any wonders to my face so I went back to my trust RT brush. I dot a tiny bit of this on the back of my hand and then dab touches to my chin, cheeks and forehead which leaves a slight green tinge on my face so I follow it up with my DiorSkin Star foundation in a stippling motion which gives me a flawless finish.

The best thing about L’Oreal’s BB cream is that it’s eradicated my need to use a concealer anymore because it helps give such a flawless finish and covers every flaw. This being said, I think that nothing is perfect and while L’Oreal does win against many of its higher priced competitors, it doesn’t do any favours to my dry skin so those who are prone to dry skin should use a hydrating primer underneath however it’s ability to last aaaalll day and still look good make it a competitor as one of my favourite summer beauty products. 

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