Charlotte Tilbury – Charlotte’s Magic Cream

Happy December!

I’ve been writing and rewriting this post for a few weeks now because I wanted my review of this product to be 100% honest and I think after a good 4 weeks of using the cream I’ve had sufficient experience with it!

So as most beauty lovers will know this is the product of Charlotte Tilbury, don’t get me wrong I love all that she does but I feel like this is the one which makes her stand out as the formula is one she herself made and uses on models backstage at fashion shows and now it’s available for us mere mortals to use (yay).

I received this in my Book of Makeup Magic – which I love by the way – and it’s the first product I used even though it’s in box 2. My first instinct with the cream is that it’s 15ml and how long would it realistically be before my finger scraped the bottom with barely any product to use but I was pleasantly surprised. I’ve been using this twice a day everyday for the past 4 weeks and so far there has been plenty to go around. The cream has a nice natural smell to it and it doesn’t break me out at all which I’m so happy with considering Charlotte has a ‘secret’ unnamed ingredient in it!

Now for the bad part; it’s winter and in the winter my skin is reaaaaalllly dry! It’s annoying how I leave the house before work and find dry patches on my cheeks so I thought this cream would be my saviour however even though it’s thick in texture I still find a dry patch here and there on my cheeks a while after applying. Don’t get me wrong I can correct this by adding some more but I feel that with a luxury item there shouldn’t be room for a second chance and it should just do the job in one!

That being said I do love this moisturiser and I’m definitely willing to see how it fares up in the warmer months.




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