L’Oréal – Volume Million Lashes Feline Mascara

Happy 2016!

Post Christmas/New Years is so depressing for me because I no longer have anything to look forward to! Once my Christmas decorations are back in the loft I realise how fast the holidays go and how little time we have to actually sit back and enjoy them so instead now I’ll revel in my memories and be glad that I have received so many amazing gifts that I look forward to reviewing in the next few months. First on my list is this mascara which I have been wanting for ageeees…

L’oréal is definitely my go to for mascara, I know there are a lot of high end products which claim to do so many things but sometimes I feel it’s better to stick to what I know especially when coming into such close contact with my eyes. Up until now I’ve been using the Volume Million Lashes ‘So Couture’ on my lashes but my job in advertising has finally gotten to me and the countless adverts I’ve seen for the feline range sold it to me.

The packaging of this is exactly the same as the others in the range but that’s where the similarities end for me. When I think of the feline inspired make up I think of defined lashes on the outer corners of my eyes but for me this did not work at all. I know the brush is tailored to make this effect work but it’s difficult to use when the brush has to be held in a certain way each time it’s used which for me is just too complicated and too much hassle. My problems don’t end on the outer lashes, the rest also look clumpy and because of this it looks like I have only 3 eyelashes per eye!

Sadly my trusty and go to L’Oréal didn’t do its job here, although in theory the effect sounds good I’ll be sticking to So Couture in future

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