Christian Louboutin – Rouge Louboutin Nail Polish

Happy February! Where has 2016 gone? I’m so happy that we’re slowly saying bye to winter and welcoming in spring and then summer eek! My favourite part about the changing seasons is the changes I make to my make up! I like to mix it up in the dreary winter days with some red lipstick now and then but I’ve always stuck to dark nail colours to complement the winter months until now….

I was lucky enough to be given this as a Christmas present and it’s something I’ve been wanting for ageeees. I love the concept of all things Christian Louboutin, I’m yet to buy the shoes but glad I’ve got the nail polish to add to my collection. I’m well aware that this was one of the biggest and highly anticipated beauty launches of 2015 but does it live up to the hype?

My fun fact about this product is that the extremely tall bottle is a homage to the tallest shoe Mr Louboutin ever made (20.5cm!). Which takes me to the first thing you notice about the nail polish: the bottle. I mean when do you ever get something which looks so beautiful but is such a simple concept. The bottle is then enclosed in a box like case protecting any unfortunate smashes to the floor.

The next thing to mention is the brush, who is actually a fan of those wide brushes which smudge all over the outside of your nail, taking countless washes to wipe off? Not me that’s for sure and this is why I am loving the thin brush provided in the bottle. It’s perfect for painting my nails without any unnecessary stains to my skin and glides on perfectly leaving my nails looking perfect in no time at all.

I would most definitely recommend this to anyone wanting to feel luxurious whilst doing their nails but I’ll add that regardless of what nail polish I use I always use a top coat just in case!

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