Toner: Rose Water

Skincare is one of those things that can take years to perfect! No one has perfect, flawless Kendall Jenner-esk skin (not even her I doubt!) yet we can all go through trial and error to get there in the end. 

I’ve always been wary of toners; do I need them? What do they do? Should I always buy the most expensive one? Basically I had so many questions I didn’t really know what to use – if anything. For a short while I used Simple’s Kind to Skin Facial Toner back when I was in school but I found it did nothing. I then moved on to La Roche-Posay’s Effaclar Toner but when I ran out I couldn’t find anywhere that sold just the toner without having to buy 2 other products I didn’t need. So in the end my nighttime routine just consisted of using Emma Hardie’s Moringa Cleansing Balm and that was all. 

This was until my mum dragged me to an Indian grocery shop and I killed time looking at he exotic skincare products imported from India and was drawn to the bottles of rose water, now these seemed legit except the ingredients weren’t in English – I trust India and all but I would never put something on my face that I had no idea what it consisted of! 

I then came across Ayumi’s Rose Facial Toner in my local supermarket and I was sold. The bottle was reasonably priced, large and pure. This was the product I never knew I needed. It is amazing! 3 drops on a cotton pad swept over my face each night and I see and feel such a difference. Who knew removing make up and using face washes wouldn’t be enough but this gets rid of all dirt without causing any kid of reaction to my sensitive skin. 

I’d score this a definite 4/5, with the one point being removed thanks to the sticky residue it leaves on my face meaning if I use it in the morning my make up doesn’t set properly but for night times this is my go to product.  

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