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Lush – Cosmetic Warrior Face Mask 

In todays age everyone is all about organic, natural skincare – it seems the best way to go as you’re less prone to unnatural harsh chemicals damaging your precious face and then having to spend half a lifetime getting it looking back to how it used to be. For many people looking at natural skincare they overlook perhaps the best in the market: Lush.

Lush market themselves as ‘fresh handmade cosmetics’ and they are just this, with a label on each product stating the date it was made and the use by date. This is perhaps one of my favourite things about the brand as I don’t have to spend time working out when I should use it by and end up wasting precious product.

The cosmetic warrior face masks promises to ‘combat troublesome spots, cleanse and cool the skin’ and in my experience it does just that. I’m currently on my second pot of this product and I love it. I’ve read many reviews and one thing that people say is that while it does work they hate the smell! When using my first tub I could only smell the fresh, clean tea tree smell so this was surprising for me however the second batch has a really strong odour of garlic – telling me this is a product best used at nighttime and not straight before a night out!

Ignoring the smell this is by far the best facemask I’ve used. It does exactly what it says; I’ve recently come back from a trip to Hong Kong and upon my second day back in London I got a really bad breakout due to the changes in weather but one use of this and my skin is as smooth as ever and feels so clean. The main ingredients are garlic, honey, tea tree oil and grapes.

This retails for £6.75/75g and one pot should last around a month depending on the date at the back.


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