The Girl on The Train – Paula Hawkins

I’ve just finished binge reading this book (I started yesterday morning and haven’t put it down until I finished it a few hours ago) and I was literally hooked. This is definitely not my typical choice of book but I’d heard of so many people reading it that I guess for once I wanted to join the hype! Normally I hate reading books that are so talked about because I want to form my opinion of them instead of just agreeing with what others tell me.

So in case you haven’t read it I’ll give a quick overview without spoiling anything. This fits under the psychological thriller genre and is written in diary form from the perspectives of three women. In my opinion Rachel is the main character in the story but there’s entries from Anna – the man Rachel’s husband had an affair with and subsequently married – and Megan. The story begins with Rachel who is a self-admitting alcoholic and the train journey she takes every morning and evening passing by a particular row of houses. She fantasises about the lives of a couple she sees and one evening sees something, which changes her future. Rachel provides the perfect unreliable narrative, she’s drunk and makes up so many scenarios that its hard to decipher which is true and which false but that’s what makes her such a good narrator.

The event which Rachel sees leads her to become entwined in the narrative of Anna and later on Megan but without giving too much away I don’t think there’s much else to say! The story had me hooked and on edge, so much so that one noise I heard whilst reading this made me jump out of my skin! If you’re into thrillers and haven’t read this yet then I suggest it but prepare yourself for a shock twist ending.

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