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Lush – Mask of Magnaminty

Happy September! Where did the past 9 months go? Is it acceptable to start the countdown to Christmas yet or am I just really keen!

I haven’t posted for a while but here’s my latest review of Lush’s Mask of Magnaminty. I am slowly becoming a face mask enthusiast but I’m also so weary of what goes onto my face so I knew I could rely on my new favourite – Lush.

When I bought this I opted for a self-preserving mask as the ones kept in the fridge only had a few months of life in them and to be honest I just kept forgetting to use them as I’d have to go to the kitchen for them! I prefer self-preserving masks especially as a key ingredient in this is peppermint oil and cold peppermint oil is basically like putting freezing toothpaste on your face – not comfortable!

Other than peppermint oil Lush’s website says this mask contains: marigold oil, chlorophyllin, evening primrose seeds, aduki beans, kaolin and honey – to name a few. Basically this mask contains a whole lot of goodness and is also for your body as well as face.

I normally apply this for around 10-15 mins and then wash off in circular motions with a damp cloth, as it’s also a great exfoliator. I actually see instant results as soon as it’s off and my skin just feels so clean.

If you’re thinking of trying out a new mask then this is something I definitely recommend for us twice a week!




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