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Kylie Cosmetics – Lip Kits

Koko K, Posie K and Mary Jo K

If you love beauty and don’t know about Kylie Jenner and her lip kits then you’ve most definitely been living under a rock for a while and if you have then you’ll know that these are literally like gold dust. I’ve wanted to write about my lip kits for ages but it took me a while to get over the trauma of buying them….

So we all know that before Kylie updated her website and has some products on sale all the time that she would promote them on her social media with a date/time. Let me just say that living in London and staying up way past my bedtime was not something I wanted to do however for Kylie’s famous lip kits I did – only to find that the website had a glitch so I ended up waiting for nothing! The next day I tried again and was lucky enough to get hold of these gems and ordered Koko K, Posie K and Mary Jo K. After paying plus the shipping fees and then import tax is came to £90! Whilst I don’t mind spend money on quality I was a little apprehensive especially as the reviews I read were hardly promising to start with.

Verdict: I love the lip liners in the kit, I think they’re so good over clear lip balm and line my lips really well and last ages however the actual liquid lipstick is too drying and heavy for me, which I guess is the whole point of matte colours. If I do use them – and I rarely do – I’d apply the lip liner first, lipstick second and after a few minutes some lip balm as the dryness isn’t attractive and I don’t want flaky lips!

I don’t have any pictures of me wearing this but I do agree with Kylie that she has made such a perfect red in Mary Jo K and it goes really well with my skin tone! Posie K is a purple-ish colour and I love it! However Koko K is a little too light for me and I’d use it on top of lip colours to even them out.

My conclusion on Kylie Lip Kits is that in future if I was ever to reorder I’d buy the lip liners alone as they’re so much better for me personally however if you can withstand heavy lip colours then by all means try Kylie Lip Kits!


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