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Aveda – Black Mulva Hair Conditioner

Happy October! Now I’ve definitely begun my countdown to Christmas and whoever tries to stop me is just a scrooge in my eyes!

I’ve never blogged about hair care but mainly because I believe that everyone’s hair issues are different and not everyone has the same kind of hair however those who’ve coloured their hair and had a bad experience will definitely relate to this post.

It all begins in the summer when I went to the hairdresser and she cut my hair a little too short but I was all for it thinking this was the perfect excuse to change my style and add some highlights to my hair. I used to highlight my hair once a year and have always stuck to having two tones of red and brown to blend in to my dark brown hair and lift the colour without looking too fake. However this one particular colour experience was honestly the worst and has scarred me for life!

I opted for one colour – medium brown and one and a half shades lighter than my natural hair colour. This should’ve been a no brainer however the hairdresser added a colour enhancer to my hair and decided to colour it in thick streaks!! It basically came out bright brown and looked awful – normally I don’t care about hair blunders but this was borederline ginger and didn’t suit me or my skin tone at all. This is where Aveda’s black mulva came into the picture.

I’ve always liked Aveda’s natural haircare policy and this product was recommended to me with good results and even better reviews! Here’s how I use it:

  1. Put some coconut/cactus oil in my hair and leave for a few hours or over night
  2. Next wash my hair with Kerastase Bain Satin shampoo
  3. Using a generous amount of the black mulva conditioner I coat my hair in it and leave for around 10 minutes but no longer than 20
  4. Rinse with water and if needed add an additional conditioner

It took me around three uses to see a difference with this and whilst it’s a slow process its definitely worth it! The colour started looking a lot better and was darkened enough to blend into my natural dark brown hair! This is a form of black henna so if you’re allergic don’t use it as I’m sure there are other alternatives out there especially because black henna dries your scalp out which is why I suggest using an additional conditioner on top!

The results take a while but it is definitely worth the wait! Just don’t use a white towel after using this as it definitely stains therefore I’d suggest using the 10 minute waiting time on exfoliating your hands!


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