Lakmé – Eyeconic Kajal

Happy Boxing Day! Well happy just-finished-Boxing-Day. This post is a little late as it’s about a product from Lakmé’s range – a brand I saw and heard of whilst in India in November. I haven’t posted in ages but have decided as of now to try and post twice a week every week – meaning I’ll need to invest in new products and spend a lot of time make up shopping!

I am always looking for black eyeliner and for my waterline I only ever trust kajal as opposed to conventional black liner so I was happy to come across this product in a small drugstore in India for less than 200 rupees (not even £2!). This cheap, yet effective product has become my staple for nights out, daytime and work aka I literally wear it everywhere! Its not a pencil but instead a push up stick of kajal which I think its more hygienic than constantly using a sharpener and it lasts all day.

Whilst the colour is black, for someone like me who prefers simple make up for daytime I simply use it lightly and it comes up as a gray-ish colour giving me a natural look which lasts. I mix this up for evenings by applying it to my waterline – again lasting aaaalll night! Honestly I can’t fault this product at all and with such a good price I may have to fly the thousands of miles back to India to get another!

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