The Shadow Sister – Lucinda Riley

Happy New Year!

My 2017 is off to a great start mainly due to this book! I love Lucinda Riley’s novels, she is definitely my favourite author at the moment and I’ve loved all of her books thus far. The Shadow Sister is part of The Seven Sisters series of novels that Riley is writing about a family and how they cope with the aftermath of the death of their father.

The novel follows Star – or Asterope – in her journey to finding about her roots and how she’s gotten to where she is right now. What I love most about Riley’s stories is that they begin in the present day and then float between present and past as we are shown another character’s story. The novel is so well researched and written that I feel as though I am with Flora in England as well as with Star in Kent and as part of their lives as the characters they meet along the way.

I finished this book in less than three days because I honestly could not put it down and it was probably my best Christmas present this year! If you’re looking for a book to read then I suggest The Seven Sisters series because it takes you on a journey with so many twists and turns that you’ll never guess what’s coming next!

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