Chanel Le Vernis

Nail Polish – 508 Shantung

Not many things can make me as happy as the feeling of leaving Chanel with the iconic white bag full of stuff I just can’t wait to use! This is one review of many of my Chanel nail polishes but as it’s the one I’m using now on my hands and feet it deserves a review first.

The colour is a reddish-pink that looks different in different lights (which is why my pictures may both look different) and is buildable with layers. I applied a Dior clear gel underneath – which I can’t for the life of me remember the name of – and two layers of 508 followed by Barry M’s clear top coat.

As with most high end nail polishes I’ve found that they’re watered down and not as thick as the likes of Barry M’s. This nail polish dries pretty quickly but I’ve found that applying a little bit too much of can cause major smudging so beware of that!

I applied this two days ago and already have one major chip on one finger, this may be down to washing my hair and vigorously massaging shampoo into it, however this doesn’t really justify why such a high end nail product chips within a few days!

Chanel Le Vernis retails for £20 and is has all the look and feel of a luxury item but beware of major chipping!


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