Dior Fix It


 I stumbled upon this product by complete accident when I was waiting in Covent Garden and both the Armani store and Chanel gave me a funny look when I went in! Dior customer service was so welcoming and the man who did my make up for me made me feel so comfortable with all of the new products he was trying on my face.

I got the whole Dior treatment with serums, creams, foundations – you name it! But the thing that appealed to me the most was the fix it stick in green.

The product is similar looking to a lipstick but the middle bit is a primer so it primes your face as well as covering (it took me a few uses to get used to it).

After spontaneous purchase I was left with a product I did not know how to use but thank god for the YouTube beauty gurus who explain how to use colour wheels properly.

My face has a lot of redness and I didn’t want to look like a green monster with blobs of green mixed in with foundation when I went out every day, so here’s my step by step of how I use Dior Fix It:

  1. After moisturising and priming my face I apply a tiny tiny layer of this where I need it
  2. Using my fingers I pat in the product
  3. I use Dior’s Beauty Blender – but any one will do – to dab in the product (make sure it’s damp!)
  4. If need be, I apply a bit of concealer to any areas which need it (this step can be missed out!)
  5. I then use a stippling brush – mine was so cheap from Amazon – and pat my foundation on
  6. Repeat step 3 to dab in the foundation to assure I don’t look cakey

It’s so simple and I feel so much more confident with my make up knowing that it isn’t caked on my face in an attempt to cover up any problem areas.

Let me know if you’ve used this or any colour correctors!

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 12.43.27.png
Pic taken from Dior website

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