Tony Moly Shiny Foot Peel


Summer means a lot to a lot of people but I think we can all agree that it signals saying bye to Ugg boots and hello to sandals, flip flops and open toe shoes. With that in mind, foot care is fast becoming a huge trend and if you, like me didn’t know that foot peels are a thing – then trust me they are!

Tony Moly is a huge South Korean brand and I recently when to Prague where I spent most of the trip in Sephora but I was amazed at how many products Tony Moly actually has.

I tried this foot peel on recommendation and also out of intrigue – what in the world is a foot peel? What does it do? Does it work? (before you read on don’t worry there are no pictures of my feet here).

The product comes with two feet shaped packets with instructions on how to use them, which I will summarise here:

  1. Set aside 1.5 – 2 hours
  2. Make sure your foot is in each of the bags then pour one sachet over one foot
  3. Once its been on for the recommended time thoroughly wash your feet making sure all of the product is gone
  4. Be patient!

If you are going to use this then be sure to sit still for a 2 hours, I put a Bollywood film on giving me ample time but my insatiable appetite lead me to get up and walk to the kitchen where I proceeded to leave a trail of the peel in my wake.

After day one I watched my feet very closely for sign of peeling but when I saw nothing I was so disappointed, until I went to the gym on day 4 post peel – in the ‘hot’ British weather – came home and took off my socks and finally my feet were peeling! It was the most grossly satisfying thing.

It took about 4 days for the peeling to stop and when it did my feet were so soft and smooth, just in time for my holiday.  

Its currently been around 4 weeks since I used the first peel and I’ve found that while the soles of my feet are smooth and soft, the heels have begun to harden. I think, to get the full effect of this product it should be used regularly whilst also giving the feet time to breathe.

I got this product from Amazon for around £10


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