Too Faced Born This Way foundation

Foundations, BB creams, tinted moisturisers – where do we begin with them? I’ve tried and tested so many in recent years and I finally thought I’d landed on a winner with Giorgio Armani’s Luminous Silk Foundation. But me, being me, thought I’d try out something new in the form of Too Faced’s Born This Way foundation.

I’ve only heard glowing reviews about this from people I know and online websites so I just had to join the bandwagon.

Let me start by saying, this foundation is by far the only one ever to be matched perfectly to my skin! I am shade Light Beige. The foundation is definitely undetectable in terms of colour but, sadly that’s my only true positive about it.

I want to love with foundation, but it doesn’t sit well at all on my face. My skin is dry due to regular used of topical retinoid and my current skincare routine includes using either coconut oil or a thick moisturiser as a base.

I use a thin layer of primer and apply the foundation on top but no matter what/how I apply it is doesn’t seem to sit without caking and lines after a few hours! I’ve tried beauty blenders, fingers, stippling and flat brushes and while the coverage is amazing it just doesn’t look right on me.

My most recent revelation to this came when I was in Prague, got off a flight, looked in the mirror and saw that the colour had oxidized. Now I know that foundation shouldn’t be worn on flights due to the air/oxygen but I had no time to remove it.

This foundation would be the one if it wasn’t for the inability to be worn on dry skin. However, that being said I am currently sitting in the British Library wearing this on top of my Luminous Silk foundation and hoping that this will lessen the drying effect.

Any tips on how to wear this with dry skin are welcome below!


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