Coconut oil for beauty

Coconut oil is one of those products that take multi-tasking to the next level. I’ve seen it be used for cooking, hair treatments, moisturising, make up removal and even cleaning!

While I have not had experience with all of those tasks, I have been using coconut oil as a moisturiser for a few months and thought it was time to dedicate a post to the powers of coconut oil.

I started using the oil to combat winter dryness on my face and body and was amazed at the results. Coconut oil is one of those products that promises to do a lot for your appearance and the fact that it’s unbranded means you can pay as much or as little for it.

I was introduced to Neal’s Yard Organic Virgin Coconut Oil and after six months of daily use on my face and body, the pot is only just finishing now!

What I like about Neal’s coconut oil is, it’s solid texture – however be warned in the summer months my oil tended to melt a lot so it’s wise to not use too much. Saying that, only a bit of this definitely goes a long way.

For daily use, I rub the oil between my hands to warm it up then apply to my face, working it in until there’s no trace of the oil anywhere.

This keeps my face moisturised for the whole day and even though in between I’ve been using high-end brands, I always come back to my trusty coconut oil as I know it will never break me out, nourishes my skin and gives my face a smooth base for make up.

Nip+Fab Kale Fix

Make up removing pads

In my not so expert opinion, there is one brand that seems to be taking over right now and that is: Nip+Fab. They are all over my social media feed with products ranging from skincare to innovative make up in the form of foundation drops.

I’ve wanted to Nip+Fab for a while now and when my holiday came round it seemed like the perfect time. I normally use a cleanser and muslin cloth to remove make up, such Emma Hardie or Liz Earle, but with baggage restrictions I’d rather pack light and save space for shoes.

The reviews I read about Nip+Fab kale fix make up removing pads say they are specifically designed for dry skin suffers and after using most people saw an improvement in their skin’s condition. While I’ve spent a long time drinking kale and hating it, I was interested to see what would happen if it was applied topically.

I got lucky and got the product on a half price promotion at Boots a few weeks ago and used them on my recent holiday to Portugal where it was hot and humid, so I needed something that would remove all traces of make up and dirt.

I sweep one-two of these over my face, depending on how much make up I am wearing and they leave my feeling clean and refreshed. Unfortunately, a few times I did struggle with leftover eyeliner smudges, which is why I’d probably use two pads on special occasion days.

I saw an improvement in the overall appearance of my skin after a few weeks of using the pads and didn’t break out once – although if that’s due to Nip+Fab or my regime I will have to investigate further. But the bottom line is, I will be making these make up removing pads a regular in my daily skincare routine.


Under a Sardinian Sky – Sara Alexander

Every book I’ve read for the past month has, in some part, been centred around Italy. The language used has made feel as though I am able to smell, taste, hear and see the scenes that the characters from the books are experiencing– which is the beauty of a good novel.

Under a Sardinian Sky begins in present day England and follows Mina as she tries to discover what happened to her aunt Carmela years ago in a small Sardinian village.

If I’m honest, I found chapter one painful to read, there were too many descriptions and too many characters which confused me and I was thinking of giving up on the book altogether – but I’m glad I didn’t.

As the story progresses, Alexander’s use of metaphors and similes calms down a little and the reader is drawn into a story of love and deciding whether to rule with your head or your heart.

I felt so drawn into the story that I’m already planning my summer 2018 holiday to Italy because of the beauty and simplicity written about has compelled me to discover the country for myself.