Under a Sardinian Sky – Sara Alexander

Every book I’ve read for the past month has, in some part, been centred around Italy. The language used has made feel as though I am able to smell, taste, hear and see the scenes that the characters from the books are experiencing– which is the beauty of a good novel.

Under a Sardinian Sky begins in present day England and follows Mina as she tries to discover what happened to her aunt Carmela years ago in a small Sardinian village.

If I’m honest, I found chapter one painful to read, there were too many descriptions and too many characters which confused me and I was thinking of giving up on the book altogether – but I’m glad I didn’t.

As the story progresses, Alexander’s use of metaphors and similes calms down a little and the reader is drawn into a story of love and deciding whether to rule with your head or your heart.

I felt so drawn into the story that I’m already planning my summer 2018 holiday to Italy because of the beauty and simplicity written about has compelled me to discover the country for myself.

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