Nip+Fab Kale Fix

Make up removing pads

In my not so expert opinion, there is one brand that seems to be taking over right now and that is: Nip+Fab. They are all over my social media feed with products ranging from skincare to innovative make up in the form of foundation drops.

I’ve wanted to Nip+Fab for a while now and when my holiday came round it seemed like the perfect time. I normally use a cleanser and muslin cloth to remove make up, such Emma Hardie or Liz Earle, but with baggage restrictions I’d rather pack light and save space for shoes.

The reviews I read about Nip+Fab kale fix make up removing pads say they are specifically designed for dry skin suffers and after using most people saw an improvement in their skin’s condition. While I’ve spent a long time drinking kale and hating it, I was interested to see what would happen if it was applied topically.

I got lucky and got the product on a half price promotion at Boots a few weeks ago and used them on my recent holiday to Portugal where it was hot and humid, so I needed something that would remove all traces of make up and dirt.

I sweep one-two of these over my face, depending on how much make up I am wearing and they leave my feeling clean and refreshed. Unfortunately, a few times I did struggle with leftover eyeliner smudges, which is why I’d probably use two pads on special occasion days.

I saw an improvement in the overall appearance of my skin after a few weeks of using the pads and didn’t break out once – although if that’s due to Nip+Fab or my regime I will have to investigate further. But the bottom line is, I will be making these make up removing pads a regular in my daily skincare routine.


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