The Little Theatre by the Sea

The Little Theatre by the Sea – Rosanna Ley

I love a good book. I love books that have the power to transport you to a different time and place and most of all I love books that you genuinely feel sad about finishing because of how captivating they are.

These are all feelings I had when reading Rosanna Ley’s The Little Theatre by the Sea. The story is marketed as ‘the perfect holiday companion’ and the scenery described definitely explains why.

The story begins in England. Grey, dreary England. But then it moves to the fictional town of Deriu in Sardinia, which is a seemingly very idealistic place to live but – as the story goes on the reader is shown the harsh realities of living in a small town.

The Little Theatre by the Sea follows Faye who is a 30-something graduate and is given a break by her friend living in Sardania, who offers her services to restore the town’s theatre. However, the story follows the underlying issues of her parent’s separation, her own love life and a mystery that has haunted the town for decades.

I love that this book has so many themes within it from suspense to romance to exploring pain and loss. Having read a few of Rosanna Ley’s books I can say that her stories stay with me a long time I finish them, so much so I am always drawn to go back and reread them time and time again.

This page-turner is a read I recommend to everyone, no matter what your favourite genre is!

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