The Affair – Gill Paul

This summer I’ve been reading two books a week with the intention of reviewing them after, however after a few days I lack inspiration because the books prove to be unmemorable. This was until I pick up The Affair by Gill Paul a few days ago and was hooked from start to finish. Paul is the other of The Secret Wife, which to this day remains one of my best-loved stories.

The Affair is set in the 1960s at the start of the relationship between Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, who had one of the greatest love stories of the last century. However, it also follows the story of Diana Bailey – in my opinion she is the novel’s protagonist – as she travels to Rome to work on the set of the upcoming film Cleopatra.

 I wouldn’t be an English Literature student if I didn’t see the parallels between Elizabeth Taylor and Diana’s life; both had love affairs which they knew were wrong, both had enemies and both were portrayed to have kind hearts thus uniting them as the story develops.

The best part for me in the book was the twist centered around Rome’s legal system and the Mafia – not your average romance story! I love how the author was able to appeal to so many readers by including famous people in the book and through research we are given an insight into what these people may actually be like away from the fame and attention.

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