The Forget-Me-Not Sonata – Santa Montefiore

When people ask me why I love to read as much as I do, it’s hard to put into words what reading does to me. It’s not just the escapism that draws me in but the characters who I feel are my friends and the words they say and the advice they give which I hear being said to me.

For the past summer, I have been obsessed with Santa Montefiore’s books. She has a way of writing that is so compelling and the characters she creates are so vivid that finishing her books are so hard.

The Forget-Me-Not Sonata is my latest read and what a good read it was. The book followed two sisters, Audrey and Isla and toyed with the emotions of an all-consuming love and a sense of duty. A family tragedy in part one of the novel changed the course of all of the major characters lives but the way it played out made for a unique story.

The first half was set in 1940’s Buenos Aries which seems such an idyllic place to live, where everyone knew everyone and the weather was always pleasant which contrasted to later in England in the 70’s and what it represented for the characters in the story.

The title is actually drawn from the Forget-Me-Not flower but in this book it’s a piece played on the piano, with the same underlying definition of the flower; a love that will last forever.

I was so upset to finish  The Forget-Me-Not Sonata and the ending was perfect in so many ways but Santa, if you’re reading this – please write a sequel!

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