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Oil favourites: Jojoba Oil

As winter approaches it is time for us all to make major skincare changes in order to see the benefits over the colder months so I would like to share something which has really really changed the game for me: jojoba oil. (I have also been informed it’s pronounced as ‘yoyoba’ !)

The brand I have been using is called Intelligent Cosmetics and I bought the bottle online. They say they are chemical free, paraben free and natural and 100% cold pressed – I believe that when buying oils you should look for the cold pressed variety or in coconut oil those which are fractured to prevent blocking your pores.

For skincare: I use the dropper to squeeze out 4 – 5 drops only my hand, then after rubbing my hands together to warm up the product I either press it onto my face or rub it in. The application process varies depending on how dry my skin looks or whether I’m leaving it on for a while.

Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 16.14.48
Intelligent Cosmetics’ jojoba oil bottle

I can honestly say this has been such a game changer for my skin! It is brighter, plumper, hydrated and sooo soft. The oil hasn’t broken me out once and provides such a nice base for a second moisturiser on top or I just leave it as it is if I’m staying in for the day.

For hair: Being Indian I am so grateful for my head full of thick hair, however recently my hair has become unmanageable. What with working long hours and trying to have a life I haven’t had the time to get a haircut and the new hairs which are growing have become curly and frizzy – not a good look!

In a bit to combat this I’ve added jojoba oil into my hair care routine, but instead of applying it to my scalp before washing – as I would with other oils – I use this after a wash. I make sure my hair is free of knots and is slightly damp, then add 8 drops in my hair, smoothing it down as you would with a leave in conditioner.

It is worth mentioning that I never put this on my scalp after a wash and instead smooth down the ends and the places when needs be. My hair is smoother, more manageable and glossy thanks to my new favourite, inexpensive oil!


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