The Seven Sisters: The Pearl Sister – Lucinda Riley

Nothing makes me happier then receiving a package in the post and it’s a big, fat book – especially when the book is another in The Seven Sisters collection, which I probably spend most of the year counting down for.

The Peal Sister is the fourth in the instalment of the series, which follows six adopted sisters each named after a sister from the mythical legend of The Seven Sisters. I have been such a big fan of Lucinda Riley since I read her book The Midnight Rose a few years ago and since then I found each of her books unique, engaging and a perfect form of escapism.

This story follows Celaeno as she deals with the aftermath of her father’s death and the journey she takes to find out who she is and where she originally comes from. But, this story entwines with another, of Kitty Mercer who was a pearl mistress in Australia in the early 1900s.

My favourite part of Riley’s books is trying to figure out what the link between the two protagonist’s is, I mean they can’t be mother and daughter given the stories are set 100 years apart, but each chapter provides a piece of the puzzle until the big reveal. And trust me, it is quite a story.

The research that has gone into the book amazes me – it’s not set in the big cities of Thailand of Australia but the smaller islands. The ones that tend to get overlooked, however they are all researched and written about so well that I feel as though I am there.

I absolutely love this book, I finished it in two days and since I can’t wait another year for the next instalment I’m off to reread the last four books instead!

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